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Default New Hi Score in NovaBench, and it was in Win8

Been tweaking, and tweaking, and tweaking.

My dearly beloved asks me why? "Well Dear, you see, um, frankly I don't know why. Because I can?"

Anyway I found out a few things about my system, don't know if one can generalize to other AMD APU A series like my A10 systems but what I found out was that Dual-Graphics mode (APU & one of my GPU's) works better than Xfiring two HD6670 in Win7 and for some games (eg Cliffs of Dover). And until today the Dual-Graphic - Win7 configuration produced better NovaBench scores than Win8. Win8's best scores came with the two HD6670's Xfired. No idea why Win7 scores when 2 HD6670's are Xfire'd are less than Dual-graphic while the Win8 is the opposite. I've done lots of tests and this contradiction seems to hold. Odd? There's probably a technical explanation about how the to OS's work differently but I have no idea.

Perhaps more useful information for other AMD Catalysts users is this discovery; The AMD Overdrive option that's in the Performance section of AMD's Vision Control Centre (catalyst) does not help my performance, it appears to hinders it. At least in Nova Benchmarks. Anyone else experience this problem with the so called "Overdrive'? I've not really done any real world testing using FRAPs for example. But should. Will post results when/if I get around to it.

I also discovered that ASUS Tweak does not work on ASUS's own HD6670's. When I used Tweak the minimum clock setting it would allow for the HD 6670's was 2000. The default is 800 and AMD's max recommended is 1000. When I applied 2000 the system just shut down, duh.

Then someone on this forum was saying MSI's Afterburner is a better GPU Tweaker than ASUS Tweak. So I tried it. And it works. Even though my cards are both made by ASUS, the MSI utility recognized them better. In the options I chose to override the max limits set by AMD. And tweaked away. Curiously, now when I open AMD's VCC and look at the Graphics Overdrive section, it return the values set in Afterburner and has a new max setting of 1300 for the Memory. Interesting no?

Curiously using this Afterburner I was able to coax a better score out of Win8 than Win7, setting a new high water mark in my Nova Bench scores. Blowing past my old Win7 score of 1080.

BTW I've signed up to beta test a new Nova Bench that will be coming out soon.

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