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My System Specs


Well, I made some changes to my budget, as well as brand choice. I have decided to purchase a Naim Nait 5i it will cost me about $1700 after tax's but after spending a few hours auditioning it, comparing it to not only similarly price units, but also setups way above my price point, Naim seems to have the perfect solution for my ears.

While I know you guys seem to really like Emotiva, the fact that I enjoyed this unit more then the Bryston setup I listened to, 4BSSt2 (~$4500) amp was used in the Bryston setup, I have to say that I am making the right choice going with the Naim Nait 5i.

While I felt the Bryston was lacking the warmth that Naim had to offer, there is a chance that Emotiva offers that same warmth and punch the Naim had but I can't just go and audition the hardware. I really was sold on Emotiva until tonight's audition. I just can't afford 2x $400 freight + duty fee if the Emotiva gear doesn't stack up to the Naim.

I listened to 4 Integrated amps, and 2 separates. (Separates were 1x Bryston, and 1x McIntosh [by far the best thing I listened to all night]) All were driving my speakers, so it wasn't like we were driving a set of B&W 802 Diamonds (Drool) - sound better on tubes then solid state IMO, Other then the McIntosh setup I favored the Naim. The integrateds I auditioned where: Cambridge audio 851a (they just got it in on trade theis week) NAD 375bee, Rega Brio-r, and the Naim Nait 5i.

Also auditioned them with my own music, in which I know the gentle nuances of. (Hearing the fingers slide down a fret board of Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy, Anastasia ....can't even describe the feeling I get when I hear that, clearly hearing the lead guitar of Shinedown - Devour [they brought in a second guitarist ~he was the lead~ just for this song - listening to his picking is extremely soothing, despite how fast and upbeat the song is] and can't forget about all the strings from music such as Lindsey stirling [she can play a violin like no other] and there may or not have been a little bit of Mozart as part of my CD's I brought in)

Now, I just need to stop myself from purchasing the amp on Saturday, and instead wait a few weeks and get some more of my monster millage paychecks $0.48 per KM... 280km for some of the mine sites I go too

Despite me choosing something completely backwards of what you offered me, I thank you guys for the input. It did help me with deciding to go with Naim. I hadn't looks at separates prior to this post (heard them, just didn't plan to buy that setup) and after hearing the $10k bryston [They are one of the best out there for separates, my Grandfather actually has a full Bryston setup + B&W 804 Nautilus ~ those speakers make all the difference with the Brystons ~] I realized that the Naim nait 5i was able to compete with some of the higher end systems on the market, and for me the perfect sound to price ratio.
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