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Default Computer just randomly stopped detecting camera

So my main windows 7 machine just decided to randomly stop detecting my snap and shoot camera. When I plug it in via USB it says it can't find a driver, which is strange, since I have used it probably over 100 times without ever installing a driver. I just plug it in via usb and use the normal autoplay function that lets you access the SD card folder to import the pics.

Checked the manufacture website and as expected, there was no driver download available. I've tried different USB ports as well. I checked device manager and it had the little yellow caution sign over the camera, tryed to install the driver from there, but nothing was found by Windows.


I noticed when the computer tries to find the "driver" it says "searching for pre configured folders" then it fails

Also, I checked the Canon site and it says that the camera is PTP, so it is plug and play. The OS should be able to supply the driver once plugged in but for some reason it has stopped.

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