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My System Specs


Just to give you an idea, here's what I'm getting with my rig. Again, one 7970, 5040x1050. I got these numbers just now running 13.2 beta 6 drivers, using fraps and watching the counter for the lowest numbers. So what I'm listing here is the min fps I saw.

FarCry 3 - max settings with post fx on med, no AA. Running around anywhere outdoors on the map = 40fps

Borderlands 2 - max settings, physx on med (running on cpu). Running around anywhere outdoors on the map = 40fps

Battlefield 3 "Going Hunting" intro - Ultra preset - no MSAA = 50fps, MSAA x2 = 37fps, MSAA x4 = 30fps

Crysis 2 "Rat Lab" - Extreme preset = 30fps, Very High preset = 45fps

Again these numbers are minimums that I saw. Average numbers were obviously higher.

I think your 6970 + 6950 unlocked could do better.
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