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Default 5760 x1080p How much Power for Normal gaming

So my LCD's are all on the way back from RMA, Right now I got one rig with a 660 and another with a 6970, now for the fun part, I wanna game at 5760x1080p with high to medium settings and no major lag. Is it time to crossfire one SLI the other or do you think It will have the power to do so how it is now?

I do luck out that I traded a LCD for a second 6950(unlocked to 6970) at work so one rig will have dual 6970's but is this enough? I dont care about maxing AA just want BF3 and Tera and WoT and Mechwarrior and the whole world of games to play smooth.

I may have the option of dual 670's or 660's but is there anything else I should keep an eye out for when doing a eyefinity/surround setup?

Some of you might remember this time last year I had a eyefinity setup with triple 27" screens 2 weeks after the setup completed 1 screen died a painful death so then their was two then a few weeks after that another died. It took months of fighting to get these things RMAed as technically they were open box 30 day warranty units. But at long last I sent the great and powerful Jimmy with Asus to rescue these dead 27" Monsters. He had me RMA numbers in a week and new screens in less then 2 more.

oh and the screen deaths are (I had 4 VE278Q)

1:PSU smoke and all the good stuff
2:Lines of dead pixels then randomly would turn off and not turn back on
3:Randomly would flicker ended up getting a credit for this one.
4:has been running strong over a year now even though I may of put a small dent that killed one pixel in the front of it when my NZXT sword fell off its mount and just tapped the screen ever so gently
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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