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Ok , so I'll update and explain further.

We have IT , the steps are ongoing.We've reported to the authorities.Beer flows.


This is about pounding an 'effing coffin nail into some dumb shit that needs it.

Here's what I know.(or think I know)

The mac is the source.It had Vuze , as well as the possibility of someone just clicking the wrong link.

From what I understand , it went from said mac (not on the domain) into computers on the domain.

After that they appear to have access to everything , they encrypted the server hdd's.

It looks like a total compromise to me....rootkits etc....but I don't know , I'm trying to find out what paranoia level to escalate to.

So I've got that mac , and it was not cleaned from what I I'm going to run it in a closed environment and see what pop's up....


Back to the original question.....Imma run snort on the sandbox router , and solarwinds elsewhere.....any advice on other stufff ?? .....I'm going run all the anti-malware /virus usuals......hijackthis etc....

Supermicro X11DPi-NT:2x Xeon Gold 6144's:Lots more other stuff.Dual 4k monitor video .

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