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My System Specs


I know this is not helping, but the way I see things are below.

PowerMac G4:
Newest versions of Mac OS X it can run are 10.4 and 10.5. Both of those are OLD and no longer get security updates. PPC or not, no security updates and no other new software means it has holes that are never going to be patched.

Why do any of your important computers need to be online in the first place? For some applications it is not avoidable, but is there something you actually do remotely that you need access? I am not familiar with brewing equipment so I do not actually know. And yea, try to avoid things like java and flash and whatnot on your production machines. These are production systems and should not be loaded up with any software unrelated to their primary task.(and if your software is written in java then you need a new programmer)

If you want a jukebox for, say, streaming music it needs to stay completely disconnected from the important computers imo. And you need to make sure everything that is online is up to date.

But, as I said none of this helps you isolate what went wrong. *shrug*
As for the original topic, it sounds like you may be on a decent track.
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