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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Mark View Post
In my opinion. It doesn't matter if you run it in series or parallel with a single rad since the entire coolant will equalize to a set temperature/load. I would really be surprised if that one rad could cool off two GPU's and your cpu but I would give it a try and if not, I would prefer a separate loop/pump for the GPU's anyway since the flow resistance can really heat up one pump.

First step, try it out.
Second step add another rad.
Third at a separate pump to rad/separate loop.
Good points. I'll go parallel. BTW, there are two rads in there now. The top 240 and the thick 120 in the bottom. I don't have room for another pump and res so it'll have to stay as one loop.

Originally Posted by Slik View Post
How come your rig looks so much more tidy,and uncluttered than mine?
Yours looks cluttered because the area your hardware is in is smaller, and cable management wasn't as easy.

Originally Posted by Hooded View Post
I would run in parrallel. That way your not dumping the heat from one into the other. And the flows are usually better through parrallel.
You'll be at the rads limits trying to cool 3 blocks with 3 120 cores.
Yor pump should handle it fine.
The new EK-Blocks look pretty much the same under the cover, but I'm with you on liking the older version better. Daz is out of them but if you ask he may order you in one if EK has any left.
Again, I agree with going parallel. It makes more sense.

I'll email Daz and see what he can do for me.

Thanks guys!!
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