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My System Specs


Alright, I posted this in the watercooling section and got no replies yet. I'm deleting that thread and adding the post here in hopes that maybe the members who frequent this area of the forum can help me.

I ordered a second 7970. I'm going to run it on air for a while until I get this stuff all figured out and acquire everything I'll need to add it to my existing loop.

The second card will be going where the sound card is now to obtain dual x16 operation, and the sound card will be moved up to either the x1 slot under the top the card or the second x16 slot (which only runs at x8 if used in crossfire).

Here are my questions......

1 - Which is better? Run the video card waterblocks in serial or parallel?

2 - Will I need another/more radiator? My temps are excellent right now. CPU doesn't break 45*C, GPU tops out at 47*C, and mobo hovers around 35*C. I can add a 120 rad at the rear if I have to.

3 - Will my pump be adequate for the added components? I'm running an EK-DCP 4.0 which is capable of pushing 800L/hour.

4 - Are the new EK CSQ blocks any better then the old ones? I'd like to run two of the same blocks mainly for aesthetics, but I can't find one the same as I currently have..... kinda bums me out. Should I keep searching or just buy two new ones?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Hmmm, I can't delete the other thread after all. Mods, feel free to remove it if you think it should be. Adding a second 7970. Need some advice.

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