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Originally Posted by BrainEater View Post

OK , so some dumb asshole decided it would be cool/fun/whatever to hack the servers of a brewery , and kill 3 days of production.Beer drinkers of the whole world unite , lets find this little bastard and beat em with switch of hops !~!

Here's the short version : (and I don't know the whole story yet)

We *had* a mac g4 on our network used for music .Apparently , it was also used for the vuze bittorrent client.......this is where it gets fuzzy...Possibly thru vuze , or mebbie just from a corrupted you tube link , (or whatever , uncontrolled machine) , someone gained complete control.....they went from a machine not on the domain , right into our 'on-the-domain' servers , and encrypted our hdd's and then demanded randsom.

I have the 'infected , unaltered ' machine I believe , and I'm setting up a sandbox to run it in with something like solarwinds going.

I've also got a free PF router and switch setup.I want to record every single byte of data in and out of this rig.

Any sandboxing/whitehat tips ?



No offense but this sounds more like user error than hacking. Trying to hack ANYTHING through a mac will be next to impossible but not completely impossible and that is where the "user error" comes in.

Vuze = Java = Exploit City

With that said... the entire network sounds horrible and with that said.. yes a pfsense box will help immensely but will also be a pain in the ass at the start to use.
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