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Originally Posted by xmanrigger View Post
This forum is a borderline joke. So skewed. I defend myself in a post only to have it deleted to wash the dirt from a preferred member.

I originally offered an opinion from a user's standpoint. Not what some cooked numbers say. And I get accused of flaming? I can be called names, do the same and I get a warning?

I wasnt refering to him. I was refering to the mis-informed that replied to my posts.
Well now that you've taken this discussion public, let me respond in kind. I find your attitude ignorant, and your accusations equally so. As I responded to you privately, I removed ALL posts (not just yours) that might have been construed as breaking the code of conduct. Including the one where you were called a n00b with a big smiley face after.

Your habit of personal attacks and continued trolling we've experienced in your brief time as a member is no longer welcome here.

Carry on everyone, on topic please.
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