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Originally Posted by xmanrigger View Post
This forum is a borderline joke. So skewed. I defend myself in a post only to have it deleted to wash the dirt from a preferred member.

I originally offered an opinion from a user's standpoint. Not what some cooked numbers say. And I get accused of flaming? I can be called names, do the same and I get a warning?

I wasnt refering to him. I was refering to the mis-informed that replied to my posts.
You've been posting with an attitude and a closed mind in this thread, picking apart everything the OP described, and then basically told the rest of us we don't know what we're talking about when we are the ones who understood what he meant. That's the problem.

If you think this forum is joke you don't have to stay.

Now if you're going here post again, please stay on topic as SugarJ asked or leave.
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