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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
I'm sure there is someone on here who would be willing to come round and build for you if you supply the beer and pizza.

I can't argue with anything said so far BUT AMD cards (the radion to Nvidia's geforce) will give you better bang for your buck. Add to that you get 2 free games and your laughing.

On overclocking.. Using the car analogy.. Think of a stock car the same way you see a stock CPU.. tuning will give you extra performance... Add a turbo (a custom cooler) and you can get even more performance out of the engine.
It really is (at a very basic level) that simple. Push too far and you can blow it up.. but with a little know-how you can make your Honda go like a Porsche.

Have you had anyone look at your old computer to see if it's fixable / worth fixing / anything can be re-used?
I sold it all at 150$ and now I regret it....
It got i5 CPU and a Redeem 5750 (i think)
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