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My System Specs


I'm sure there is someone on here who would be willing to come round and build for you if you supply the beer and pizza.

I can't argue with anything said so far BUT AMD cards (the radion to Nvidia's geforce) will give you better bang for your buck. Add to that you get 2 free games and your laughing.

On overclocking.. Using the car analogy.. Think of a stock car the same way you see a stock CPU.. tuning will give you extra performance... Add a turbo (a custom cooler) and you can get even more performance out of the engine.
It really is (at a very basic level) that simple. Push too far and you can blow it up.. but with a little know-how you can make your Honda go like a Porsche.

Have you had anyone look at your old computer to see if it's fixable / worth fixing / anything can be re-used?
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