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My System Specs


My question is Why do people do that overclocking thing? Whats the point?
Simple. It's fun! It does give tangible benefits in some scenario's such as games and benchmarking. Most OC to get the same or nearly the same performance from a less expensive part as a much higher priced part. The K series of Intel chips are a great example of this.

For example, if your playing a game and it dips below 30FPS minimum you may be able to boost your core and memory speeds to get the minimum frames up above 30. Which should give you a smoother experience. There are many good reasons to OC your hardware. Not many good reasons not to.

It isn't just plug and play though, you usually will have to invest in more exotic air or water cooling as OC'ing generates more heat than stock clocks and the coolers that come with most CPU's and GPU's are typically not effective enough to keep the temps in check, or if they do they do so by drowning out the airport next door.
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