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My System Specs


This forum is a borderline joke. So skewed. I defend myself in a post only to have it deleted to wash the dirt from a preferred member.

I originally offered an opinion from a user's standpoint. Not what some cooked numbers say. And I get accused of flaming? I can be called names, do the same and I get a warning?

[Killswitch] Who's trolling? He's running an i5 2500K and GTX570. Pretty damn good gear for 1080p if you ask me. Yeah more is always better but a 6 core lga2011 with 12gb of ram and a gtx680 isn't really necessary. Please explain to us why he shouldn't be able to run FC3 full out (minus AA).
I wasnt refering to him. I was refering to the mis-informed that replied to my posts.
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