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Originally Posted by bliz View Post
Overclocking is using software to accelerate harware,for example,a CPU can do 000 operations per second, (probably does not exist yet lol,just an example) and you tell it to do 1.500.000.000.000 etc operations per second. also works with some other PC parts.

will result in a faster component but will generate more heat and the lifespan will be reduced.
Don't do any overclocking if you don't know anything about it,but if you want to,the guy who will help you to build it can do it for you and explain it to you =)

what resolution means the resolution of your monitor,but i don't know what are the "settings"

Of course,you can run GTA 4 and 5 more than smoothly with a 1000$ PC btw.

I can give you a list of "bang for the buck" parts under 1000$ if you want.
My question is Why do people do that overclocking thing? Whats the point?

My resolution of my monitor is 1920*1080

Thats good to know about that GTA thing, I heard it's a bit challenging to run GTA on PC.

I would LOVE that list, please give it to me

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