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LOL. Trust me, I'd totally go gay for Robert Downey Jr.

Sorry to hear about your case of choice Actually, I think what's great about working at NZXT is that I've never been asked to throw other companies or products under the bus, or asked to strictly talk about our products. There's so much to the enthusiast market that you just can't simply dismiss and stay in a little bubble. Great designs inspire other manufacturers to do better, which, in the end, advances tech and provides more options for the consumer.

The original Murderbox is what got me into the entire scene anyway. I had looked for a PC that was as sleek and beautiful as the Macs I worked on, and lo and behold, I found the Murderbox. PC's are such an awesome and unique industry, I just can't help but love a lot of differrent things out there.

As for the Kraken, yeah, it's a sweet little number. Somehow, I'm thinking it needs to be BIGGER!
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