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My System Specs


Originally Posted by XNine View Post
You should have seen the list of names that we came up with for the product. I think there was like 40 different names, and three that were really good. I came up with "Vapor" as it would have been so suitable. Unfortunately, the Kraken won out over it after some inner turmoil and another name that was the winner, but got shot down. LOL There were dozens of emails leading to the final naming.

Then there were the Pump LED designs. What you see now actually had several variations from simple to whacky.

In total:
Man hours fighting over name: 452
Man hours voting on LED design: 3

LOL. Ya know, I love Canadian forums. I think the stereotype of Canadians all being nice is pretty true. And there's far worse to be called than "nice."

Lots of good peeps here on HWC.

I'm Canadian and I'm not gay, I'm just so polite it seems that way.

My Kraken gets installed this weekend (Its going in a Colossus though sorry Xnine, I'm boycotting till I get my Apollo 2)
*I know you love me torturing you about that one case lol*

I think it was an Apt Name to be honest for the cooler, and given the test results around the webz it looks like a solid choice for what I am doing.
Though I still prefer Astek's old style Tubing to the new stuff, as long as it doesn't leak I'm happy.

Glad you're enjoying the stay on HWC Xnine,


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