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Originally Posted by Soullessone21 View Post
Dammit I knew they were all lying :P

I love how you named it the Kraken as thats the nick name my kids give the dog when He stretches and puts his all right up in the air they yell out "Release the Kraken" Also the fact that on Big Bang Theory Sheldon wants to be killed by a Kraken so the last words he hears is "Release the Kraken"

All that aside when I get the chance to get a new mounting bracket for one of my GPU's the Kraken X60 will be the block to go on it.. or maybe it would have a great home cooling my media center thats just sitting there.

Great review and Great Product, my next build will include far more NZXT
You should have seen the list of names that we came up with for the product. I think there was like 40 different names, and three that were really good. I came up with "Vapor" as it would have been so suitable. Unfortunately, the Kraken won out over it after some inner turmoil and another name that was the winner, but got shot down. LOL There were dozens of emails leading to the final naming.

Then there were the Pump LED designs. What you see now actually had several variations from simple to whacky.

In total:
Man hours fighting over name: 452
Man hours voting on LED design: 3

Originally Posted by igot6strings View Post
Its all about the girth! GIRTH!!!
LOL. Ya know, I love Canadian forums. I think the stereotype of Canadians all being nice is pretty true. And there's far worse to be called than "nice."

Lots of good peeps here on HWC.
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