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Default Software based raid???

OK here is the scenario... I have used 2 raid arrays over the past 4 or 5 years. A RAID 0 - 2 x WD Raptor 74GB. I fell in love. Last year I bought 5 used WD Raptor 160's using 4 in RAID 0 and have a spare. After the fact I was thinking I should have bought an SSD but I will make use of the 160's.

LATE 2012 a cheap (temporary) PSU destroyed most of my computer. I was reminded of something about RAID I knew - I need the same controller to read the array! I only lost my windows drive which had a few things of little importance.

I want to RUN Redundany copies - RAID 1 - WITH A SOFTWARE SOLUTION! If my mobo dies my data is SAFE. If I sell my Assassin 2 for a EVGA DARK (64GB Ramdisk?) I can switch over no problem (even if I need to reinstall windows).

I currently have 1 - 3TB WD Red HDD for storage, I want a redundant copy for convenience (there is nothing critical on the drive but 3TB is TONNES of stuff, 60% full and counting). I can see myself using 2 - 3TB drives with 2 more for redundancy before the Fall.

IS there a software based RAID solution worth using? Free would be great (if it is STABLE), but I am willing to buy software for this.

If there is a solution can I make a redundant copy of an 120GB SSD onto a 160GB HDD?

Maybe a back up solution (rather than raid) which can back up and make the back up a USABLE copy incase the SSD fails?
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