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thank you guys. yeah I opted for the fan side rather than the ram side only because the fan on the heatsink/cooler itself blocks a black and blue port for the ram. The video card and power supply haven't arrived yet but I want to get everythin mounted tonight jsut to get all the odds and ends and unused pieces put away nicely. I'm thinking of moving the tower fan from the higher backside to the top of the case so it pulls air in from there. This optional fan can pull air in over the CPU heatsink/fan and over the ram that is beside the heatsink/fan. Then the iar can get pulled through and out the back. I'm thinking this could work just fine... I feel bad for asking questions while I'm putting it together and finding out that they really go all out to co-ordinate certain parts and grooves so it all fits together. It's daunting at first but it slowly is starting to make sense.

Oh I figured the brass ones (they're small) screwed into the tower back, then the motherboard lined up with those and the black screws just secured the motherboard to the brass ones screwed in.... Cause all I got were 9 brass screws with a male threaded end and a female threaded end on the other side, all 9 are the same. Then tonnes of various black screws but 9 of a set that screw perfectly into the brass ones. I didn't get any ones that look like the ones in that pic.

Oh I didn't realise I had no case listed. Here's the full list of my hardware on this link Whitelight77 - Saved Builds - PCPartPicker Canada

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