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My System Specs


OK,so it won't make a huge difference.If i understand what you say,wait... imagine you are looking into your case.On the right you have drives,on the left,the upper exhaust fan of any computer case. 2 solutions:

1:putting the fan on the hard drives side,so that the fan will be very close to the RAM,and blow air through the aluminium to the back exhaust case fan
2: putting the fan on the opposite side so that it will be close to the upper exhaust case fan,and will suck air in the heatsink and exhaust it to the back exhaust fan.

these 2 solutions won't make a huge difference,maybe of 2 degrees celcius,tried it myself,because i was curious too.

BUT the mistake would be to do the solution number two,but to use the fan so that it blows air through the heatsink to the ram and drives,so yes,if you have problems with ram,just use solution number 2,but careful about the fan side.

If the fan is on the ram side, blow through,if the other side,suck air.Anyway will work the same.

Ok,for the ram ,you have a dual channel motherboard,that means that you don't have to worry about what color you are using,but put the 2 stick in the 2 slots of A SAME COLOR,that will double the bandwith of the ram,i don't know how it would effect games,but it's overall better,so do it.

Ah , didn't know for the holes size,i had a CPU cooler that used a mount for 3 sockets,and there was 3 different holes size,so i thought it was different...anyway,never had to study that....

For screws, can't say,but it's not very important,you generally have 3 different ones, the small ones for drives,the very big ones for fans and the normal screws for motherboard,i don't know your case but what fits into the hole is for that hole.

Brass screws? you mean the big ones? its for fans,would destroy the motherboard^^

use the screws that look like this:

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