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yes thank you it was the 1156 one. the back mounts did line up and the grooves were all in the correct place. Now one more question, I can screw the cooler in but the fan on it can point in 2 directions. Should the fan side be facing the case fan or towards were the hard drive and disk drive are housed? Again I'm thinking towards the tower fan simply because it the cooler fan were facing the hard drives then it would block access to the ram slots which would seem like a glaring engineering error.
I'm also looking at the Ram slots more closely and there are 4 in total. 2 Blue alternating with 2 black... I'm curious as to which one of those sets I should plug my 2 ram sticks in?

I"m also guessing I use the brass(?) screws over the black ones to mount the motherboard to the case. I imagine it has somethign to do with a proper ground or along those lines.

I know, I'm so green in these matters

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