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My System Specs


Originally Posted by turtletrax View Post
Until you drive a 800Bhp Ferrari 430 Spyder, or a 900Bhp GTR, both of which I have had the pleasure. Trust me, you need them.
Well first lets just state my levels of pure jealousy for driving anything than a regular old car from North America. I can't comment on those cars at all, but my traction control is half throttle instead of full throttle

There are still guys running 1000HP in all sorts of cars and still using manual transmissions. However if it's drag racing they almost always go to a sort of automatic due to allowing the auto trans to "slip" in order to keep traction on the ground instead of wheel spin. Also, it's easier to stay repeatable in a drag race with an auto, no blown shifts.

Anyway, I really strongly dislike auto transmissions. However, a traction control system I could live with, providing it had a switch to turn it off, and it truly completely disabled when told to do so.
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