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My System Specs


I ran at stock settings for both installs. The 2nd install ONLY ever saw stock speeds ON ALL PARTS. I was still installing things so I had not yet bothered to RE-OC.

Temps... The first time/ During the OC the CPU (Core 2) never saw over 51 @ it's low load. I had basically used the max 'safe' voltage settings with the intent to stability test and lower voltage. I like the method of giving it 'ALL THE POWER', max the OC and then reduce voltage for said OC. Since I never buy the NEW Gen right away I have the benefit of finding out the MAX voltages before I even buy. The Chipset coolers were surprisingly cool (barely warm) to the touch.

Air flow was a bit poor with the first install (I am ashamed to admit this because I know how foolish it is). The 2nd install had all the fans installed in the case with fantastic air flow. The ram SEEMED ok the first time - 2 sticks cool, two sticks warm to the touch but I estimate they were well within acceptable heat levels. The 2nd time the ram is running COOL FOR SURE. The chipset coolers were barely warm to the touch weather OC'd or STOCK. Even with the 'High voltage' and the over clock things did not REALLY heat up since I never hit more than 27% CPU usage.

The side of the case was also open.

I remember a couple other temps in Speed fan that were 40C or less. GPU only ever hit 60 because I had only tried Civilization V (CPU Dominant). My PSU has manually adjustable 12V and Fan (OC edition). The air coming out of it is COOL. I believe I had set the 12V to approx 12.09V
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