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I completely disagree about needing traction control and automatic transmissions in ferraris or other super cars. Its just the simple fact that most of us do not know how to control them. To be able to really drive those cars, to really experience them properly you shouldn't have any of that stuff, it dulls the pleasure of driving them.

I don't have onstar and I don't want it, but your point stands, my point is that I don't even want a brain in my car recording everything I do and trying to think for me. Hell I don't even want paddle shifters

the sad thing is while I don't want the car to have a brain I do want one in the cockpit. I want a headsup display and the windshield to be one gigantic transparent screen and I do want and running it all. I just don't want any of that stuff involved in the actual running of the car, its not necessary and it gets in the way of the pure driving experience.

I'm really think though that the best years of the car are behind us, they are becoming much too entwined with electronic and technology. And I really don't think cars are necessarily better than they were 20 or more years ago at this point. Faster and better looking yes but not better in terms of driving experience or anything that matters.

edit: and for the record 900hp is too much for many car to put through its wheels. Its excessive and unnecessary which is why it will destroy the tires without assistance of computers. 500hp will give you all the power and speed you'll ever need and is still controllable and is really all the gtr was designed for anyways

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