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Default Very Pretty

What a display, sure beats the furry donut of furmark.

Tried to take a screenshot (it is one of the options but I could not find where it saved the screenshot, I wonder if that is for the paid version??) - Print Screen didn't work either and I could not bring up my sniping tool during the bench mark so if you want to see the pretty pictures you'll have to download it. The screen view across three screens is really amazing. The images at their website do not show the full panorama available across three.

Anyway, tested in both Win8 and Win7 and they were close to the same, very close 310 in Win7 and 319 in Win8, with FPS of 7.4 and 7.6. Win8 is running with two HD6670 Xfired, Win7 is running with the A10 APU Xfired with one HD6670. On paper these should be very close to the same thing, and they are. Yep it was a little choppy and gameplay at those setttings wouldn't be the smoothest. I didn't adjust the default settings other than to set it to three screens using the system resolution. Could see what the medium instead of high setting gives me.

Decided to downgrade and test it at a more 'normal' resolution (not 5024x900 which is what I'm running now)

Big difference. The same scene playing on the three screens is can make you dizzy but its cool (not as cool as the panoramic but neat in its own way).

Anyway here are the results, three screen and one screen.


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