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My System Specs



If you think you'll go dual cards in the nearish future then a step up on the PSU is worth it. Why buy twice
However I usually find that if your staying with a single screen (especially 1920x1080) that your best selling your old and investing in a new card rather than dealing with the possible hassles of sli/x-fire when you need a boost in the GPU.
In this case your PSU will be fine until you decide to replace the lot.

On the mechanical keyboard. They do feel better but I could never justify the cost(over $100) as my $15 cherry is damn close to mechanical feel, I don't like (as said) leds all over and I have enough bindings available between my mouse and the normal keys.
If you like backlit keys then the sidewinder you had before seems a good pick, unless you try these things though (maybe a local store or a friend) you won't be able to make an informed decision and you may absolutely love mechanical vs membrane.

The cooler, I'm not familiar with. The CM Hyper 212 is damn good for the price, it gets the nod from most people as being one of the best of the cheaper coolers. Again, research yourself to find as much info as you can and make a choice.
You can OC on the stock cooler, it all depends on how much you want out of it. Pretty much any tower cooler will give you enough headroom to oc to a decent level. Obviously the more expensive ones (should) cool better and quieter.
Again, look for reviews and see if things are to your liking.

Last point is the monitor. I wasn't necessarily saying you *should* get an IPS panel, more that for the price you were paying for the other tn one you could. For me IPS is brilliant as I use my PC for everything.
Watching movies from the bed / couch without everything changing colour and brightness or almost turning negative is a huge plus for me. I also enjoy a spot of photography. Just cos it's right for me doesn't mean it's right for you.
If I was gaming and browsing and maybe watching stuff from my chair then a TN panel would suit me fine.. maybe a 120hz for silky smooth gaming.. again, you need to look at what you want and make the choice that fits you.

It's all well and good asking for people's input to a build but most people advise what they would do.. you need to take what your told with a grain of salt(unless it's a compatibility problem or way below/above the spec you need) and research for yourself.
The more informed your decisions are the less chance you'll be disappointed with them later.

Been about 7 years since I've even looked at wireless for a pc, can't really point you anywhere but towards someone else on that.

P.S, I still can't see a HDD or SSD in there. Have you got your storage already?
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