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My System Specs


Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Better than ubi from what I hear...though 'playing' covers a lot of ground...Im sure it falls under the heading "stress testing of key component hardware" or some such :P
Man, I wish I could test Motorola 2-way radios by playing Farcry 3.

Since I'm posting I'll post my 2 cents regarding the OP's topic.

Can't go wrong with either a GTX680 or HD7970. From what I've read and seen, both cards are basically even across the board for the most part until you get into really high res and settings (ie - multi-monitor). At that point the 7970 starts to walk away a bit. But not much. As for the CPUs, not sure. Both are potent. You probably wouldn't see any difference. Also, the difference between PCIe 2.0 and 3.0 is nil unless you get into using a slot running at x4 or something. If you're not going to run crossfire or sli you won't have to worry about that either.

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