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1. Do you use 20 or 40mhz on your own routers?
Never really played around with this.

2. Mine defaulted to mixed mode on both 2.4 and 5ghz bands with WPA/WPA2 selected. When I tried to deselect mixed mode it said I would need to change from WPA/WPA2 to something else to do so. Do you run mixed mode? Is there any performance to gain by being in N, vice mixed?

I personally have separate APs for each speed. AC>N>G>B>A in terms of performance. If you use mixed mode then your wireless router bumps all devices connected down to the speed of the lowest device. So a single device connecting at B causes your entire network to slow to a crawl at 11Mbs (this is why i have different wireless points). Also, 2.4Ghz is incredibly congested - use 5GHz where possible. Most devices dont support this however unless they have dual antennas.

3. Do you use WPA, or a different standard?

Try to stay away from WPA. Go with WPA2 if possible Avoid WEP like the plague!
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