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Hi! Thanks for the reply.

The hard disk problem haven't been hapenning for 3 years :P, but I know my post was a bit confusing...

Now, about the hard disk problem not being detected; I swapped the cables but not the power supply (yet).

An update to this problem:
- When I connected a 250 GB IDE drive, a couple of hours ago (to install Win 7 in there); turned the PC on and the monitor was not detected. Swapped the VGA connection (from PCI-E to VGA and viceversa), and nothing.
- Reseted the bios like 8 times (via jumper and battery), and nothing.
- That monitor works in my other PC.
- Connnected an old CRT monitor, and nothing (just the blinking led)

With all these things happening; yes, could be the motherboard, but I'll try changing the PSU, to discard one more thing.

Thanks for the response!
And sorry my bad english.
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