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My System Specs


Was I supposed to count all the monitors I have, or just the ones I use on my main desktop? I have three on my main Rig, we have a laptop (well two if you count the old Vista one in the closet that someday I'm going to set up as an FTP server) and my wife and each have a tablet (she has an Asus Transformer and I a BB Playbook). And then I have the one at work. And there is a spare LCD screen on the shelf in the basement that is not hooked up to anything but could be. So is that three? Or four counting the laptop we use? Or six counting the two tablets as 'screens", or how about the old LCD and old laptop no longer in use, but that I do 'have", so we are up to eight, and then there is the one at work rounds out 'my' screens to 9. (Of course I know you don't want me to count the screens on our smart phones (that adds three more screens to my count).


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