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My System Specs


While the AMD stuff has come down the Nvidia stuff is still pricey. Bar sales / specials. With AMD not releasing stuff untill next year and Nvidia probably(guesstimate) being around x-mass if not later I would say it's the perfect time to not upgrade.

He's got a very good card that is only 1 gen old. For the extra performance he'll get compared to getting a new card on release in the next cycle thats exactly what I would do.
Main reason I jumped from a 560ti to a 670 was the 1 GB of ram on the 560 was being maxed out. otherwise it would be still rocking away in my rig.

Obviously this is all very subjective (personal preference and circumstance has soo much to do with these decisions) but upgrading every second gen to the top or close to top card is about ideal.
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