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My System Specs


Ok,thanks,but there is something i don't understand.i will play FC3 too,not in 3D,so why do i contradict myself? It's not the same's just that i want to use that mod for minecraft and i want to max out last games.Impossible with 570.

You also told me that 680 is a waste of money if i don't play 3d,then you say i need at least a 680 for far cry 3,maybe i don't get it???

Actually,with farcry 3 on max,it's smooth but there is enormous stuttering every second,i think it's the background effects thing,anyway does not work with 570.

Dzzope,about the cooling,actually i forgot that the 600 series cards have lower TDP,i think that a 680 should run even cooler than a 570 is not even a rear exhaust card,and the temps are ok...Even if i understand that for my case,a rear exhaust card would be better,because it's quite small...btw the 250mm fan is not there anymore,removed it for hyper 612S,anyway just had a 2c difference with and without,so...Yeah I don't have problems for Graphics card size,i can fit any graphics card in it.The thing is that it's not thick,and not high...

I'm not only buying a powerful GPU ONLY for minecraft,i'm looking in the future,i want to play next year's games, of course.

Anyway thanks for advice,i may upgrade it next year.

Very good advice,Soulle.I'll wait for a 770,maybe...or 760ti

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