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My System Specs


Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
You're looking at a 680 or a 7970 for minecraft? I can run minecraft just fine off my HTPC with has an APU (3670K) with IGP, not even discrete graphics. Minecraft requires almost no power at all to run, let alone a 680. If you're looking at this class of GPU solely for playing Minecraft, you're off your rocker. If you were playing BF3 daily, at max settings, I'd say Okay, it may be worth the money. But if you're playing Minecraft most of the time, it's a HUGE waste. Most discrete video cards would be. I would suggest buying a GTX660 or a 7850 for the odd time that you play Far Cry 3 or any other AAA title, and saving your money.
What he said above ^^^^^ .
But bliz, you contradict yourself. You mention playing Far Cry 3, but yet say you wont be gaming in 3D. A 680 is a complete waste of money if no 3D action going on.

But, if you intend on playing Far Cry 3, a GTX680 at the least if you want plush graphics. I did Alpha testing with FC 3, and let me tell you, at max graphics and even at 1920X1080, it will kick the shit out of most any single GPU card.
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