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Corrosion inhibitor will work.

Dazmode Protector

Electrolysis uses direct current to drive non spontaneous reacions (almost verbatim from the link). Are you putting a live wire in your cooling loop? Does copper and aluminum need electricity to react?

The answers are no. Copper and aluminum will spontaneously react when both metals are in the same solution. One of them dissolves (very slightly) and the other one gets deposits of the other metal on its surface.

The corrosion inhibitor is (most likely) some other more reactive metal in solution that inhibits the copper-aluminum reaction.

Think of it as a sacrificial anode.

Nails, for example, do not form iron oxide when coated with zinc.

The problem with aluminum is that it is a GREAT sacrificial anode. Thus the additive is needed or you WILL have problems with a copper/aluminum loop.

BTW anyone have any pictures of a loop where this has happened? I'm curious.
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