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Bump up the graphics card, bump down the cpu to an i3. For the love of god get windows 7 64 on there. You mentioned you're a student? If your in post secondary tech related course you should have msdnaa for free windows, otherwise get a windows 7 home premium upgrade - or just an oem key (about 99 bucks)
Also I would switch the psu to a corsair/seasonic unit. The motherboard doesnt look bad, however P67 has been out for awhile, I would try for a z68 board or better. You don't need one with sli/crossfire so that should open up a few boards in your price range.
FYI im running an i3 2120, and gtx570 - bf3 is awesome on it at 1920x1200. Its better to spend more on the gfx card then the cpu.
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