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That's a good question.

Personally, I think Microsoft needs to get their heads on straight. They need to make a TABLET OS for TABLETS and a DESKTOP OS for DESKTOPS / NOTEBOOKS. This half-assed thing is a major piss off.

For example, I plug in a USB drive when on the Metro interface. I tap on the notification and immediately get bumped back onto the desktop. When that happens, you're almost forced to convert the XPS 12 to notebook form since dragging files is a hopeless experience with MS's touch interface.

Want to close programs and avoid that massive memory footprint? You'll have to start Task Manager EVERY TIME.

How about compatibility? Because of MS's idiotic approvals process for Flash content in the Modern Mode, many sites' content flat out won't work until you default back to Desktop mode.

There are so many things wrong with Windows 8 I don't even know where to basically ruined the entire experience Dell's XPS 12 provided.
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