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Good review.
I definitely don't see much appeal in a 'convertible' laptop though. For something like the Surface or a Transformer book I can see the tablet function working because you can detach the keyboard or the weight of it is minimal.

For something like this or the 'Yoga' books, I think the added bulk of the bottom half being always present will kill the appeal for a lot of people. A four pound tablet isn't exactly nimbly handled. The battery life is less than impressive as well. Hopefully a Windows services pack and the eventual Haswell revisions/redesigns fix that as well.

I do however like the Transformer book's idea of putting storage and ports in the keyboard attachment so you have storage and such accessible, but they don't get add bulk or mass to the tablet component for when you want portability. All in theory of course, it could underwhelm overall when it's out.

Sky, if MS comes out with touch screen adjustments to the basic PC functions of Windows 8(copy and paste, file/folder management, etc), do you think it'll feel like a good tablet OS, or is there just way too many other issues that aren't translating into tablet function well?

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