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Hey JayDee,

That's not a bad choice. I think my biggest beef with 27" TN monitors is that they tend to exhibit more color shift top-to-bottom than VA and IPS technology due to the vertical height, but you're not going to see this a lot during gaming. You'll mostly see this with solid color blocks while surfing.

I've tried 3D and I didn't get any eyestrain or headaches until I hit the hour mark, but peoples' eyes and ocular systems vary. I personally feel 3D is a bit of a gimmick, but I encourage you to try it and see what you think.

A great advantage to these screens is that you can play around with the 3D settings in the nVidia control panel to get 120hz AND basically blur free image quality by turning on Lightboost even in regular games withOUT using the 3D feature. The Blur Busters Blog | Mark Rejhon's information site about scanning backlights, LCD motion blur elimination techniques, and projects. is a great resource for this. A guy named Mark Rejhon has done a lot of work and research almost to the point of obsesssion.

If you want to try this and run into trouble, lemme know (if you are interested)!

I can attest to it working with my BenQ XL2420T and my similar GPU hardware setup. It actually reduces motion blur to a point that is about 90% the same as CRT, and still a fair bit better than regular 120hz. The only requirement is that you can keep FPS at somewhere around 90+ to get the full benefit.

Playing games at 60fps won't necessarily work out to 30. Basically if your rig is straining to produce frames you get a bit of a "double image" that looks like crosstalk. Generally 3D will work at 120hz and give you 60 visible frames (basically but not quite).

Let us know what you think of it when you get it.

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