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My System Specs


The first link is just standard tube reservoir. It's connected to your loop via fittings only.
The second one the reservoir comes with a special base to allow you to connect the tube reservoir directly to either a single or double D5 Bitspower pump top.

The backplate provides protection to the back of the cards PCB, and also give the card a bit more strength to help prevent it from sagging with the weight of the waterblock on it.

Purchasing a rad requires you have some basic info up front.
  • the number of water blocks your going to be using. At least 1 120 rad core/block. This is the bare minimum. Two cores per block would be much better.
  • the number of fins/inch in the rads will determine what fans are needed. Low density rads (8-14 fins/in) work well with 800-1200 rpm fans, medium density Rads (20 fins/in) require 1200-1800 rpm fans, and high density rads (30 fins/in) will require high speed fans over 1800 rpm with good pressure.
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