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Originally Posted by Evilyeti View Post
So I don't have the first clue how to properly "review" a monitor so I'll just leave my feedback with the ASUS PB278Q since I purchased it.

The monitor looks great, I haven't changed any of the settings out of the box because it looks amazing to my eyes, Downloaded some 2560x1440 photographs and couldn't believe how great they looked.

I set the screen to a black wallpaper and turned off all the lights in the room to look for backlight bleed or white spots and so far haven't had any. I also haven't been able to find any stuck or dead pixels using a white background or black background.

I have only tried Borderlands 2 and Team Fortress 2 at 2560x1440 so far and didn't notice any ghosting that I can see. I am not entirely sure if Borderlands 2 looks any better or not, TF2 didn't seem to look different at all, maybe that is just me though.

The extra desktop space is awesome for multitasking it has made working on videos a lot easier now that I can have more windows open on the desktop.

Overall I am happy and impressed and glad I saved some money going with the ASUS.

Now I just need to buy a better video card
I purchased a Asus PB278Q from local Staples and they price matched $649.99 from canada computers. The Dell U2713HM is on sale for $629 canadian but after adding shipping cost, would save $22 buying the Del.... Main reason for me to buy Asus PB278Q locally was that it be easier to return if problems with backlight bleeding or dead/stuck pixels. Happy to say no dead pixels, no stuck pixels or backlight bleeding ))))
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