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My System Specs


I bought a H80i back in December, and I gotta say, I have not come away impressed. I just installed it last night, and right from the manual, there are a couple of errors/typos that can pose big problems when installing the thing. The manual also says it comes with 8 washers, but mine only came with four. Other people have reported this as well.

Then, when I got everything installed, including the software, I hear this annoying whine/buzzing noise coming from the fans. As soon as I plugged the fans into my motherboard, the whine went away. I search around the net and find that this, too, is a problem and there has not been a fix for it yet. I issue an RMA through the Corsair website and am now waiting to hear back from them.

Because the fans are very loud, even at low RPM, I decided that I won't put up with this anymore, so I attempt to remove it. I unplug the fans from the adapter and attempt to pull out the adapter itself. Sure enough the ENTIRE CONNECTOR came out of the pump. WTF. Pins were broken and everything. So now it's FUBAR.

I think there are some very serious quality issues with this cooler and am really not impressed. I love Corsair products (I own 3 PSUs and a few sets of RAM), but I think I'm going to stay away from their cooling products. I hope Corsair will address the issues that I, and others, have had.
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