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My System Specs


At 720p, a Geforce GTX 650 will perform adequately with most features on, and will do 1080p at medium-high depending on the game, though I wouldn't expect wonders, and this is at around 30fps average.

Vegas Pro will benefit from the 3570k, so no real issues there.

I guess my opinion here is that while the 3570k will be great for Vegas, the 650 will likely be underwhelming for gaming. I would almost think it better to lower the processor's share of the budget and see if you can squeeze in a 660. Alternatively, if you understand the gaming will be underwhelming but want the overclock potential, you could use the 650 for now and then upgrade to a 660 or whatever happens to be current when the budget allows.

As well, Thermaltake doesn't have the greatest reputation, and neither does ECS. Others will likely have to comment on them, it's not really my department.
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