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My System Specs


I keep finding a lot of people mentioning how small the soundstage of the USP-1 is, not to mention the number of issues and parts failing. Their service is apparently amazing and all of problems seem to get resolved rather fast. I just wish I knew someone with some of their gear that I could audition with my speakers. I mean, I know it will be a huge step up quality wise from what I am using. I just want to make sure I am getting the most bang for my buck, in a system that will last me for many years without regretting the choice.

Edit: Getting closer to pulling the pin and getting the Emotiva setup you listed Nodscene. I may hold off on the DAC for now, as the DAC in my Essence STX is decent, it wont be nearly as good by any stretch of the imagination, but spacing out costs is always a good thing to do.
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