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Sigh, looks like my original post got ate and never made it.

Yep, nodscene turned me onto Emotiva and I've never regretted it. I have a UPA-500 Five-Channel Power Amplifier | Emotiva Audio | High-end audio components for audiophiles and videophiles, spanning 2-channel music systems, as well as 5.1 and 7.1 home theaters. Products include multichannel amplifiers, stereo amplifiers, and and man does that amp kick ass against similarly priced and more expensive receivers. It delivers a lot better sound and range then a lot of receivers/amps I've heard before. Another nice thing that it can do is that their amps deliver the posted wattage to each channel guaranteed. There are A LOT of receivers/amps that the posted wattage is when 2 or 4, etc speakers are connected and never reach the posted wattage when you are using 5 or 7 speakers in the mix.

Once I have a job (done school) I plan to pick up a DAC/pre-amp from them and throw it into my eventually planned (and approved by the fiancee) home theatre system and room and perhaps even pick up a less powerful system (or buy a more powerful amp for the home theatre) and allow my pc to use it again. Currently I have the amp hooked up to my PC via the onboard sound card and it beats the pants off of any receiver I've heard plugged in via optical (goes to show it it amplifies better sound with lower quality signal).

Their customer service is also great. I emailed them inquiring about a bunch of information before purchasing and they gladly responded back (none of this 1+ week to hear back like some online companies). Also when you do purchase from them it's from a person so your order doesn't take forever to get processed like most online companies.

In the end, the more I use Emotiva (more of their products) the more I'll be talking about them as really they have great products at rather good pricing with customer support who aren't morons.
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