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My System Specs


No need for 650W PSU, 550 is plenty. Even if he wanted to add a second card down the line a 650 isn't enough to give any decent over-head.
He could actually do down a notch and save money without sacrificing too much quality.

There is a point on the SSD and GPU, If you max one now(the gpu) you can add a good sized SSD later (250Gb~), a SSD will be one of the best things you can add to a system to make it feel fast even if it's a smaller one now. It will not however have an affect on your games apart from load times.
120GB~ SSD is ok and will take your OS, apps and probably around 4-8 games depending on their size. Personally I wish I had held off till I could afford a 250GB drive and my next build(eventually whenever that is) will have a 512GB / 2x256GB drive.

I can't recommend Seagate HDD's, 1 year warranty is the killer for me. Their price to performance is great though.. Personal choice really(as with everything, you have to prioritize whats most important to you).

A 7970 will be a fair bit better for multi-screen gaming but as you said your gonna do 1 screen for games due to the middle of the screen being obscured by the bezel. If your thinking of going 3 screens then get the 7970.
If your gonna stick with 1 screen, then the 7950 / 7870 should be enough for you to pretty much max any game at 1080 at playable frames(Thinking Crisis 3 or the like)

No argument on the ram though I likes Gskill. 1600Mhz and CL9 is what your looking for.

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