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Got the SRH840's and the e07k. Clean sound, not sure if it's the DAC/amp or the headphones but it's a little bloated in the upper/mid bass, there sounds like a bit of a hole about 1k-2k and there doesn't seem to be anything past about 10k. Maybe they could be EQ'd out fairly easily to get a flat response. Distortion seems to be well in check though.

These being my first headphones above cheapie department store jobs, I gotta say I'm pretty disappointed using headphones for music. I think I can hear most of the details in the music with the headphones compared to my speakers but there are no spatial cues, imaging is nonexistent, and there's no 'feel' to the music.... it's just noise.

They'll work for letting me listen to music and watch movies until I can get my media room set up but I'll probably sell them off at that point as I can't see a point having headphones even over a tiny set of book shelf speakers if you don't need to worry about waking people up sleeping in the next room. Though maybe these might be useful on trips on the airplane.
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