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My System Specs



To be honest, I just have an overall lack of overall knowledge in the Hi-Fi scene. I would be transitioning from a Stereo Receiver (Studio Standard by Fisher - still makes my speakers weep despite being over 20yrs old) My plan was to start with a current tech amp to get my feet wet and then figure out the rest from there.

Main thing is I really just never looked into a more complex system as I everything I have auditioned / read about is the less components from source to speakers the better the sound is as there are less nuances from components. I suppose I should look deeper into this.

Nodscene, the $1267 isn't far enough above my price point to make me look elsewhere. My price is more or less based on the fact that I know there are very capable systems at that mark. It isn't based on not being able to afford more, just means 1 or 2 less steak dinners on my annual bike trip

I will take a good hard look at what you laid out for sure, I appreciate it.

Have you had the chance to listen to a Cambridge Audio Integrate Amp, Rotel, Bryston, MCintosh, Yamaha, Marantz? I am looking for a comparison quality wise to better judge the quality of Emotiva. I have auditioned all of the brands listed above, while not all are in my price point, all brands have a fairly consistent sound. All other Hi-Fi brands are either not available in my city or are a Sony, Onkyo, HK, etc. (Including the HK 990, it just doesn't work with my Paradigms / ears)

Without hearing Emotiva I have a hard time thinking about purchasing the system. There really doesn't seem to be a lot of info on them. Looking at what they offer they almost seem like an "Energy Speakers" kind of company. Emotiva's parent company, J. Design, is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, if I could find info on the parent company I might have a outlook on their quality.

The "Rave" Reviews about their systems can be found all over the web, but does it have to do with price. You can find the same reviews for "Energy" the Best buy brand speakers coming out of Montreal, but I dare you to compare them to a B&W, Paradigm, Klipsch (if horns are your thing) etc. Sure for their price points both sound amazing, but can the $880 cambridge audio 651A out perform the $1267 setup you listed? the 651A is one of, if not the highest rated sub $1500 Integrated amp. I heard the CA 851A integrated amp ~2.5k (above my price point / needs) drive a pair of B&W 802 Diamonds (also heard them on the proper full McIntosh setup, they just sold the setup for ~$100k)...It will take A LOT to make my look away from an integrated amp.
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